The easy way to buy & sell your uni books

Set up by students at the University of Glasgow with the aim of helping fellow students the Your Book List acts as this platform for selling unused textbooks. Simply scan the barcode on the book, add which course it is from and be contacted by other students who want to buy from you! Made for students by students.

One of the largest costs of being a student is textbooks. Books that are used for a year or in some case even less. When the time comes to sell these unnecessary books students face a trade off between price and convenience. Selling on sites such as Amazon and Gumtree involves the nightmare that is postage and packaging as well as issues surrounding delivery. While selling to the campus bookshop involves receiving a heavily reduced price.

After spending a lot of time and money surrounding textbooks we created a solution.
‘Your Book List’ is a student money saving app which connects buyers and sellers of textbooks to get the best price.

Sellers’ benefit from being able to upload entire reading lists in a matter of seconds with the apps in-built barcode scanner before selling for a price that they decide.

For the buyer they are able to search by course of by book, view the potential saving, pay safely through the app and then arrange a safe meet up on campus to complete the transaction.